Electronic Wills in Ontario: Growing Interest, Growing Need, or Growing Concern?

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A few months ago, I was sent this article in the Globe and Mail.[1] The article explores the notion of introducing legislation to legalize electronic wills in Ontario. Although some of us here in the estates and trusts world have experience deducing what the positives and negatives of electronic wills might be, I found the article interesting because it represents an instance where the discussion surrounding electronic wills is making its way into the public consciousness. Fittingly enough, the Ontario Bar Association has declared November as Make A Will month, and I myself have been promoting that fact to friends and family via social media. Interestingly, and perhaps not surprisingly, I have found from conversations with my friends and family that the average person doesn’t really know a lot about estate planning.

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Article Written By:  Demetre Vasilounis

Original Article Posted on:  November 13, 2020

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